Why Telling Your Graduate To “Go Fly A Kite!” Is A Good Thing

Posted June 5, 2014

The world can be a big, bad, angry place.

I get it.


The world can be a big, bad, angry place.


And much too often the news we read in the papers, on the internet, and watch on tv proves this fact. And it's hard not to feel a bit helpless when sending our kids out into a world that would seemingly devour them the second they make a mistake, trust too much, or become vulnerable.


But we have to let them.


And if we do, they may just surprise us. They may show us that mistakes are a necessary path of success, that you can never trust enough in your own process, and that being open is our connection to possibility and opportunity. Especially when we are open to seeing the world in a new light. We just might discover that the world is a Big hearted, Bad- Ass place with mad skills!


That's right, a full on reflection of ourselves!


So instead of a negative cartoon pointing what is wrong with the world, I've opted to draw a cartoon that focuses on what is right with the world.


Enjoy.... and please share your thoughts and stories about shifting the focus, as Barbara Marx Hubbard says, “from what's breaking down to what's breaking through”.  


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