Buddha's Dog

Posted September 2, 2013

These characters showed up in my sketchbook one day about a year ago.

They have been inhabiting the pages in various forms ever since. Some time after they started popping up on my grocery lists, next to Friday’s New York Times crossword puzzle(what can I say, Fridays puzzles are so much harder and I’m prone to doodling when I get stuck!) and occasionally in the background of my editorial cartoon. These guys were relentless!
When they started showing up as eery images in my fogged up mirror after showering, it was time to take action. There’s only one way to stop these ghostlike images form haunting me and that is to flesh them out, make them real.
So I gave them names, personalities, desires and flaws. I gave them history, purpose and quirks. I gave them a story. I gave them life. When they outgrew my sketchbook, I gave them a new home.
You’d think they’d leave me alone now that they have a life and their own place. Think again.
They’re more a part of my life than ever before. And I like it like that.
- I wanted to start the action with the first comic right smack in the middle of a huge crisis just to see what kind of adventure Bhu has in store for us. I have no idea where this is going. I think in parent-speak this is known as “payback”.
Plus I wanted to draw a yak.