How To Turn Your Enemy Into Your BFF

Posted May 23, 2014

Can I be blunt with you for a moment?

Can I just say something from the heart that will probably piss a lot of people off?


Because you see, as the world is getting smaller we the people are expanding.


And I don't mean our waistlines.


Our cranial capacities are growing at breakneck speed. We have a greater capacity to create amazing things, connect with people halfway around the globe, wield technology like a magic wand.


We think nothing of logging on to social media and communicating with friends or making money beyond the time and space continuum.


While we grow our world views are slow to catch up. We have reached a point where we have outgrown our current concept of the world. And it's time to move out.


Actually it's time to build a different world.


Today's cartoon is about Memorial day. I've seen so many articles and cartoons about remembering Nam, Korea, WWII...


But Memorial day is a time to remember and honor soldiers, troops, family members who died in war.


Last time I checked war was still active. Going strong even.


In fact, the idea of war is so strong we continue to fight and hurt and kill our brothers and sisters.


But that was the old concept. There was a time when we were not connected to other geographic areas. Others' customs, religions, and beliefs were foreign and threatening. We fought and killed for our way of life. Once upon a time...


We know more than ever that we are all connected and we are all in this together. That hatred we have for our enemy is completely misplaced... other countries, beliefs, religions, and customs are not the enemy. To quote Wayne Dyer:


The enemy is hatred itself.”


So, in line with our Memorial Day celebrations..


I will be honoring my fellow human. Because from a humanity perspective, they are me. And I get to experience life through their upbringing, their nationality, their religion, and their experiences.


Walk in their shoes so to speak.


I acknowledge we all come from the same place, born of the same stuff and we get to celebrate our uniqueness. Like kids living together in a big house.


Only this time the house is built from the stuff of humanity.


Let me know your thoughts.


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