Don't Do This To Your Mother

Posted May 1, 2014

We all have amazing gifts and greatness inside of us, but that's not a reason to beat it out of someone.

We are not pinatas.

And neither is the earth.


Would you really treat your mother this way? I didn't think so...


Still, the earth continues to take its share of bashing even after all the earth day celebrations that were supposed to create an awareness to help her cause.


Which brings me to the inspiration for this cartoon. Sometimes Mankind doesn't live up to his name. Maybe it's time to take the blind fold off and take a good hard look in the mirror. Are we doing what we can, even little things every day, to make a positive impact on the earth?


The better we take care of the earth the more abundantly green she will be.


And we are all better off with more green.

I know I am.


I co-create a comic strip called The Green House with Brad Gilchrist of Muppets Comic fame which features a super hero earth worm. Earth worms are little creatures that can take toxic waste and undesirable crap and turn into soil. Truly it's the little things they make the biggest impact on the earth.


Wormy (our super hero worm) gives simple suggestions that are easily incorporated in our busy lives to help rescue the planet. Tips on gardening, sustainability, recycling, and energy conservation.


That's nothing to shake a stick at.


I'll post a link to Wormy's site when it's available. Until then I would love to know any cool and simple “green” tips YOU may have for our dear old Mother Earth. Have any gardening, composting or sustainable gems to share? I'd love to hear about them.


Go Big

Go Green