Don't Do THIS When Making Big Decisions.

Posted May 15, 2014

When It came to decision making about my career, I was the worst. Then I learned this cool trick that made making decisions so effortless it became fun. I actually look forward to the next fork in the road of my journey.

It wasn't always this way. If you are anything like me you suffered your share of paralysis by analysis. You know, weighing the pros and cons, making positive and negative lists, and anything else I could imagine short of “ask the audience” or “phone a friend”.


Heck I did those too.


Even when I did manage to make my decision, I never really left the 'debate” mode. I had this stinking, sinking suspicion that the other choice may have actually been the right one.

So a real decision had never been truly made.


I finally came to my senses and used my GPS. Hell, if it works for a car why not my life?


Leaving the decision making, especially for the best route to take to my destination, up to an expert is always the best bet. Especially when the expert is our very own internal GPS or Internal Guidance System.


It works like this.


Your GPS in your car will tell you the best way to get to where you're going. But if you just sit in your car in the driveway, you will receive no prompts from the GPS. You have to actually drive the car to get the directions.


And it's no different for our internal Guidance System. We can debate about the choices until we are blue in the face. Nothing will happen if we don't start moving.

So, put your decision making ability in gear and hand it over to your internal GPS. It doesn't matter what you decide here as long as you're moving. Your next choice will be presented to you.

If you've been debating about starting an online business... don't. Debate that is. Jump right in. Take action. Have fun. And listen for the next turn to take from your internal GPS.


This weeks cartoon shows candidates campaign platforms. It reminds me of me and the way I used to make decisions. I had one foot in the past relating my experiences, one foot in the future set on where I was going, and my feet were forever slipping apart. All I had in the present moment was squat.

It seems Dennis Zaia's literal split is doing the same.


Take a stand... for yourself and listen to your internal GPS. It will bring you back to the now where debate and indecision can't exist.


What are some of the ways you stay connected to the eternal wisdom of the now? What are some of your decision making strategies? Let me know by filling out the contact info.