Corporate Caricature Events

Posted December 5, 2013

Opening Gifts Early. Drawing caricatures at company Christmas parties. (or: Drawing from the inside out. Or, Inside Out caricatures.

I've become adept at drawing out people's passions in the short time I sit with them. Now, I watch people's eyes light up when they've connected with their authentic self and that makes drawing them so much easier and way more fun. I'm not just looking at a face and exaggerating features, I am also looking into it, pulling out their passion, dreams and desires and drawing who they are becoming.

But earlier in my career there was a time when my job was all about the caricature, the technique, and getting it right. I spent my time with a client sweating over the details, studying, calculating and looking AT the subject. With practice and experience I got better, but it wasn't getting any more enjoyable. Then one day I was hired to draw at the Natural American Spirit Tobacco Company Christmas party in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The party was held in the large space of the factory. The people were energized, festive and ready to party. They put me in a room far away from the party action. The room felt like a tomb in contrast. There weren't even any decorations. I began to panic thinking no one would leave the party to sit for a caricature.

But people did begin to come in two at a time. I drew my heart out trying to get them back to the party as quickly as possible. But after a while something beautiful began to happen. People enjoyed the quiet respite and began to open up to me. The more I drew and talked the more relaxed I became. I was feeling so good that I noticed people would relax immediately with me. They shared their dreams as I drew them.

One woman came in so grateful to be getting her first caricature but was concerned that I was missing out in the fun of the party. She asked if I would like to take a break and mingle with the festive crowd. I was having so much fun that it struck me as odd to leave this high vibrational state. Why would I go out to the party to mingle when I could stay here doing what I love, sharing my gifts and passion while the entire party came to me one person at a time.

There is nothing quite like sitting knee to knee, eye to eye with someone, giving my undivided attention, all under the guise of drawing a caricature. I am humbled and grateful that people reveal their passions and hidden treasure to me. It's like opening early Christmas gifts.

Someone once told me; “when we look AT, when we compare, we separate. When we look INTO, we connect. 

I couldn't agree more.