Are Caricature Artists A Dying Breed?

Posted May 6, 2014

I arrived in New Mexico in 1998 armed and ready with a ream of white card stock and a box of black, fine point Sharpies. I had just spent the past 7 years drawing with and learning from the best caricature artists in Boston.

And they were good.


If you have ever been to Boston and walked through Faneuil Hall Marketplace you would find a caricature kiosk featuring a handful of amazing caricature artists at any giving time. These guys and girls became my teachers and colleagues. Everywhere I turned in Boston, it seemed, there was another fellow cartoonist to help support me on my journey.


In New Mexico there was only one.


I quickly became friends with Andy Valdez, New Mexico's sole caricature artist. When I asked him why New Mexico was so caricaturist-less, he said it wasn't always that way.


Andy Valdez had learned from the very popular and entertaining artist, Patrick Trujillo. Patrick had moved to Atlanta soon after for bigger and better things. This seemed to be a theme. In fact, every caricature artist that Andy had worked with in his 30 years of cartooning had moved on to another state.


Except for me.


You could say that party caricature artists are a dying breed in New Mexico. Yet here Andy and I are. After 16 years we're still going strong.


Just check out some of my pictures of delighted guests holding their gift below. They are from recent events for Embassy Suites, Wells Fargo, and the Junior League of Albuquerque.


You could be next.


If you are looking for a unique gift for your VIPs or if you have a unique idea for a caricature party, fill out the contact form and let me know. After all, I am 50% of all the caricature artists in New Mexico.


Looking forward to your request!